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The long and short of it is, I love Scentsy!! I'm going to take a few moments to tell you why Scentsy, I'm not going to tell you why you should buy or why you should join as that's totally your decision.

Scentsy is the safe, flameless alternative to scented candles. The electric warmers plug into a mains supply and gently warm a food grade wax at a low temperature by a hot plate to release gorgeous fragrances. By warming at such a low temperature there is no risk of burning materials, children or pets as well is no soot, parabens or toxins. What makes our warmers even more amazing is that they have a lifetime warranty! That’s virtually unheard of in a small appliance and means that they are basically a one off purchase! If you look after your warmer, we will look after you!

It's quite hilarious but I've been obsessed with fragrance since I was a toddler.  My Nanna used to save her empty perfume bottles and I would sit and sniff them.  Fast forward to getting my own home and I fell in love with scented candles but any candle lover will know, the soot on your walls and ceiling is no joke and the hassle of repainting them just isn't worth it, not to mention the danger of a naked flame.  I then discovered Scentsy and fell in love.  They've become a passion of mine as the warmers can be left on all day completely safely as there's no flame like a traditional wax burner but I get all of the amazing fragrance around my home and workspace. I have even had delivery drivers tell me that my house smells lovely when I've opened the door to them!  

I joined Scentsy for two reasons, it was a brand that I am truly passionate about and also I was in need of another form of income and my own independence.  Within 6 weeks  of joining I found myself double promoted from Escential Consultant straight to Lead Consultant with a team of 7 lovely ladies.  A further five weeks on I was then promoted to Star Consultant with a team of 20 and we are growing fast and now I have been promoted twice and I am a Scentsy Director with a team of over 50!  My Scentsy family are fantastic, there's a genuine feeling of helpfulness amongst all of the ladies as I encourage them to share ideas with each other just like I do with them.

Scentsy isn't a sales job, it's sharing something you love with others and seeing the joy as they receive their orders and the child-like excitement on their faces.  As a leader I am not there to push sales, it's your business and my role as your sponsor is to support, guide and encourage - the rest is up to you whether you'll be ordering for yourself occasionally or whether you want to make your business full time. I am thrilled to have earned an all expenses paid Caribbean cruise for two on the Royal Caribbean Harmony Of The Seas in April 2018. We have many incentives throughout your journey with Scentsy and truly are recognised for our achievements.

Please contact me if you would like to share some Scentsy 'magic' with me whether that's suggestions with scents, help choosing a warmer, booking a party or joining this adventure with me I have the time for you!

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